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Say goodbye to confusing multiple option screens. The Prism System is designed for ease of use. From our main menu, just a simple click and you can select exactly what you want to do next.  Our simple menu options streamline the process and puts YOU in control.  Advanced search option to find the customer quickly.

This screen shows the layout of the transactions made in the Pledge Module. The type of transaction is visible by the TYPE identifier, BB- Buyback and P – 6 Month Pawn. The transaction below, under the ‘Prior Pledges’ banner is a second hand purchase.

The RENEW and REDEEM figures would recalculate automatically using the daily rate of interest calculation for a 6 Month Pawn and then calculate the charge every 28 days for the Buyback.

The AUCTION module for processing Private Treaty and stock items too. The screen is split to show all PLEDGES in the top half and then a breakdown of the items in the bottom section.  The operator would enter any RESERVES, SALE PRICES and if required any UNSOLD prices. The system can also add additional auction fees, commissions and  if vatable the system will automatically deduct from the final total amount.

This is the screen showing the Statement To Customer for GDPR adherence, you can also print the relevant GDPR Privacy Notice Type from this screen to give to the Customer, before they agree to getting registered on to the system.

This screen shows the customer information page, you can also SCAN any ID provided by the customer. There is also a PHOTO tab to take a picture of the customer. Each customer is assigned a unique customer reference. This screen shows more requirements of data from the customer as it is a customer registering to do PLEDGES. Less information is required when registering for SALES.


The different operations that can be setup for each customer

Pledge System

  • Pawnbroking
  • Buybacks
  • 2nd Hand Purchases


  • Currency Transaction

Sales / Deposits

  • Sales
  • Deposits
  • Refund
  • Credit Note


  • Advanced Repairs/Ordering System

This is the main screen that shows all the customer details and transactions, active and prior.

You can add Customer Store Credit and Customer Notes from this screen too.

These are the operation buttons on the Pledge System Screen

This is an example of a more item defined entry, the operator selects the categories and sub categories as they enter the item to define it and then enter a visual description.

The LOAN amount is entered and then the LTV (Loan To Value) amount is entered, to give the operator an idea of the ratio of lending.

This is the simplified version of the same Pledge Entry screen. The operator just chooses and simple Category and fills in the description, loan amount and LTV

These are the operation buttons on the Sales / Deposits Screen

Shows all stock as shown in the system currently on the left hand side and then as the operator enters the stock code below, it is transferred over to the right hand side to say it has been checked.

This screen can be closed and then reopened at anytime, and it will let you continue from where you left it. If any of the items that have been checked get SOLD, they will automatically be removed from the checked side.

Stock Check can be done in Real-Time.


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